Bestguarder HD Waterproof Camera

The Bestguarder IP66 trail camera is one of the most popular hunting and scouting cameras on the market right now.

I have used over 10 different trail cameras in the past years from low to high price.I have  enough knowledge to program the trail camera. Bestguarder belongs to the mid price trail camera with excellent performance. The trigger time is very quickly, it can shoot 9 pictures. The other trail camera just can take a short silent video, but this camera can take the sound video, cause it has the built-in microphone. It is the best one that I have used, I love it!

Bestguarder Advanced Video & Image Quality

The 12 megapixel camera and 1080P video quality will allow you to capture clear images and videos of anything that crosses the camera’s path. This is extremely useful if you’re attempting to identify and track a specific buck or other animal. Additionally, this trail camera includes a 36-piece LED “ghost” flash. You can obtain crystal clear, full-color images and videos at night without worrying about scaring anything away.

Long-Distance Capabilities

BestguarderThe Bestguarder IP66 trail camera can detect movement from up to 23 meters (75 feet) away. This means you can place your camera off the beaten path. This can eliminating the risk of animals or people discovering your camera, and you’ll still be able to track effectively.

 This trail camera comes equipped with a 0.6 second trigger speed. While not the absolute fastest in the market, the IP66 easily outdoes the majority of cameras that can take 1-2 seconds or more to take a picture. This allows you to capture a complete image instead of just the tail end of whatever triggered the motion sensor.

Stellar Design, Style & Durability of the Bestguarder 

The clever innovators at Bestguarder designed the IP66 with stealth and concealment in mind. Whether you’re worried about a buck being spooked by your camera, a bear identifying the camera and destroying it, or a good old-fashioned trail camera thief, the Bestguarder IP66 has you covered. This camera comes standard with woods-style camouflage, making it easy to mount anywhere without any need to be worried. For extra security, however, many hunters purchase security boxes or add brush around the camera to protect their investment.

The compact size of this trail camera is second-to-none. The device weighs in at just 11.9 ounces due to the fact that it’s composed of lightweight composite materials. With dimensions of 5.12” x 3.54” x 2.36”, it’s unbelievable that Bestguarder was able to pack so much punch into such a small area. By the way, did we mention that this model is waterproof? That means your camera and photos are safe in any weather.


Compatible with High-Volume SD (Memory) Cards

Are you tired of having to switch out your SD cards constantly due to your trail camera’s lack of support for high-capacity memory cards? Have you missed out on potentially valuable images and videos because your memory card was full? You’ll be pleased to know that the Bestguarder IP66 trail camera accepts SD cards of up to 32MB, so you can go weeks or even months at a time without having to worry.

Multiple Tracking Modes

The IP66 comes with a wide array of tracking mode options. You can capture full-color images (1-9 images per trigger) and videos (5-90 seconds in length) around the clock. An audio feature allows you to hear what’s happening in the area. You can choose between trail mode and time lapse mode. Additionally, the patented Bestguarder motion detector system allows you to track human movement, traditional prey, and even cold-blooded animals.

State-of-the-Art Display

BestguarderAnother neat feature of the Bestguarder IP66 is the fact that it displays lots of helpful information on its crystal-clear 2” LCD display. Tracking is easier than ever with this trail camera thanks to the addition of date, time, temperature, barometric pressure, moon phase and GPS coordinate displays.

The Verdict

I have used the trail camera for several years, this one is the best that I have ever used, I have included these images captured by this camera to portray how incredible image quality, it beats all my other trail cameras.


There is absolutely no doubt that I think highly of the Bestguarder HD Waterproof IP66 Infrared Night Vision Game and Trail Hunting Scouting Ghost Camera. It comes with many of the features that serious trackers demand, and all at an affordable price. If you are in the market for a trail camera that can pretty much do it all, day or night, rain or shine, this is definitely an option that you should consider.

 Features of the Bestguarder IP66

  • 1: 12MP(2/5/8MP optional) high quality full color resolution and 1-9 pictures per trigger(0.6S trigger speed), 1920*1080p FHD video with audio record programmable length from 5-90 seconds.The camera is triggered by movement, detected by a highly sensitive PIR motion sensor.
  • 2. With 36pcs Black IR LED,it allows the camera to take full color photos and videos in daytime and black & white color photos and videos at night up to 75 feet/23m distance, montorized ICR for color images/videos during day and night, HD video with sound, illumi-night sensor provides bright, clear nighttime images.
  • 3. Capture mode: PIR Camera or Video, Camera+Video, Time Lapse, Motion detection; Password protected; 1-60 minutes picture delay, user friendly interface, 40000 images on 8pcs AA batteries(not included)
  • 4. Our patented motion detect function is useful for cold blooded anminals and surveillance; Simultneously capture full resolution images and videos on every trigger undder Hybrid model; Time Lapse programmable makes camera capture images at a preset time inervals regardless there are motions detected.
  • 5. Barometric Pressure, GPS Geotag, Moon Phase, Temperature, time, date and Camera ID stamp on image. Water-proof for outdoor use(IP66).
I saw BESTGUARDER cameras at a ski resort in California accidentally. When I came back, I searched it on amazon website.  I was excited to find it there, and purchased one unit for my house security, it is easy to set up, works great with amazing images. I will recommend it to my friends, it is an awesome camera.

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