Survive The End Days

Nathan Shepard is a Bible scholar with a background in theology and archaeology. He has spent more than 17 years studying the ancient Biblical scriptures and how the words of the prophets became historical fact over time. Now, his spine chilling theory links present times events to Biblical prophecies in a clear and concise way… and foretells a very sinister future for the US. From that moment on, he decided that he must become a survival expert, train and prepare for the worst disaster in human history…

Urgent News If You’re A God-Fearing American Patriot!

By the time you finish reading this urgent message,Powerful, dark forces will set a vicious plot in motion. Aimed at crippling our great nation and our faith in the Lord. See this independent documentary immediately

Sadly, 99.3% of Americans don’t know their life is in danger. Threatened by a time bomb deep-rooted within our government and Church. Something more wicked and fatal than Pearl Harbor and 9/11 put together.

This is your last chance to see what put America on a collision course. Don’t take the final warning lightly! Stay safe. Stay prepared.

P.S.: This documentary was banned in most Christian states, but took the Internet by storm. 232,961 Americans already watched this… but it may be taken down any second now.


Subject: The Church’s most hidden secret exposed: Bizarre theory links Obama to an ancient Biblical prophecy and paints a very sinister picture for the future of America

There is something strange going on with everyday Americans. You might have felt it during the last decade, a sensation of insecurity that comes and goes without any specific reason. According to a doctor in history and theology there is very good explanation for this.

Dr. Nathan Shepard is convinced that these feeling of anxiety that have been slowly creeping up on the American public have little to do with terrorism or the economy.

The economy has crashed several times it the past. Our security and freedom was threatened during the second world war and during the cold war by forces much greater than terrorists. You must understand all of god’s creations have an inner intuition warning them of imminent danger”.

According to his theory this feeling is foreshadowing the greatest event of human history… and the warning signs are encrypted in the final chapters of the Holy Bible.

Watch his independent documentary here.

“I have worked 17 years studying the ancient texts and all the hidden clues point into one direction: Obama will not finish his second term. The exact timetable is not shown… yet according to my research it must happen before the day our president officially leaves office”.